Boats,  Mowers, RVs Vehicles and More:

Southeast Auction Company, Inc.

14433 Hwy. 69 South

Tuscaloosa, AL 35407

Phone: (205) 758-3068

Fax: (205) 758-1071

Hours: Monday~Friday 8:00AM~5:00PM

Pickup Time: Monday~Thursday 9AM-4PM
Friday 9am-Noon

Directions:    Directions-Sale Yard #2

Auctioneer: Michael Langford (AL528)


If you plan on attending the auction, you will need the following if you are a dealer:

Business license

Tax exemption certificate

Driver's License

If you are an individual you will need the following:

Driver's License

Payment must be made in full on the day of sale.  We accept cash, cashier's check or personal check accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee (sample bank letter) and credit card.  There is a buyer's purchase fee (see chart below) added to the bid amount for each item purchased.  There will also be 3.50% or 9% sales tax added to that amount unless (A) You have a valid tax exemption certificate or (B) you are taking the home out of Alabama.

You will have (14) days from purchase date to remove the item from the sale yard.  On the 15th day purchase date there will $5.00 per day storage due before the item may be removed from sale yard.  There is a buyers purchase fee per item purchased.  We do not load operating equipment/vehicles.  We will assist in loading of pallets but no other items. 

EFFECTIVE 1/1/2015:

Any person that wishes to register to bid at any auction conducted by Southeast Auction Company must present the following at time of registration:


·        Buyers that will be paying with cash -------------------------------- $ 500 Cash Deposit

*Deposit will be applied to purchase. 

If bidder does not purchase an item, the full amount of deposit will be refunded


·        Buyers that will be paying with check------------------------------- Bank Letter of Guarantee



When you register and sign the Terms and Conditions you agree to fulfill your part of the contract. Should you be declared the successful bidder and Auctioneer says SOLD.  You are required by law to pay in full as the contract states.  The only person who can change the outcome of any sale is the Auctioneer.  Auctioner makes the FINAL DECISION.



Southeast Auction Company

Buyers Fee Schedule

(Effective April 2017)


*All items purchased from Southeast Auction Company will have a buyer’s fee added to the bid amount.  Sales tax will also be added unless a valid tax exemption certificate is presented at time of registration.




Mobile Homes                                                         10%



All Items (Excluding Mobile Homes, Automobiles and Light Duty Trucks)


Purchase Price (Per Item)

Buyers Fee

$ 0 ~ $ 2,500


$ 2,501 ~ $ 10,000


$ 10,001 ~ $ 20,000


$ 20,001~$ 49,999


$ 50,001 and over






Automobiles, Light Duty Trucks 

(3/4 ton or smaller and with less than 6 wheels)



Purchase Price (Per Item)

Buyers Fee

$   1  ~ $  500


 $     501~    $ 1,000


$  1,001  ~  $ 2,000


$  2,001  ~ $  4,000


$  4,001  ~ $  6,000


$  6,001  ~ $  8,000


$  8,001  ~ $10,000


$ 10,001  ~ $12,000


$ 12,001  ~ $16,000


$ 16,001  ~ and over