Mobile Homes:

Alabama Liquidation & Collection Agency, Inc.

Southeast Auction Company, Inc.

11803 Hulls Road

Moundville, AL 35474

Phone: (205) 758-3068

Fax: (205) 758-1071

Hours: Call 205-758-3068

Directions:    Sale Yard #1



Our company holds live monthly auctions for mobile homes in Tuscaloosa, AL.  Since 1990, we have repossessed over 7,000 units and sold over 9,000 units.  In 2003, we averaged picking up 55 units per month from the field.  The auction is open to the public.  The mobile home lot is open for preview of homes the week of the auction. 

If you plan on attending the auction, you will need the following if you are a dealer:

Business license

Tax exemption certificate

Driver's License

If you are an individual you will need the following:

Driver's License

Payment must be made in full on the day of sale.  We accept cash, cashier's check or personal check accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee (sample bank letter).  There is a buyer's purchase fee added to the bid amount for each home purchased.  There will also be 3.50% sales tax added to that amount unless (A) You have a valid tax exemption certificate or (B) you are taking the home out of Alabama.

You will have (14) days from purchase date to remove the home from the sale yard.  On the 15th day purchase date there will $5.00 per day storage due before home may be removed from sale yard.

Wheels and axles are property of Alabama Liquidation Sale Yard and must be either paid for ($140 per set-One axle and two tires) or swapped with comparable wheels and axles.

Titles will be mailed within 30/60 days of purchase or in some instances longer.